Featuring idyllic Manhattan views and the iconic Pepsi sign, Long Island City encapsulates the heart of living in New York without a taxi screaming at you to move out of the way.

Bordered from North to South with 36th Avenue to Borden Avenue and East to West with 39th Street to the East River, Long Island City houses the beautiful Gantry Plaza State Park and Queensbridge Park, which boasts amazing skyline views no matter the season.


Long Island City’s close proximity to Manhattan makes transportation to the neighborhood very convenient. To travel vertically throughout LIC, the (N & W) trains can take you up and down the neighborhood, even going as far as Astoria (another amazing neighborhood). To go even further into Queens, the (7, E, F, Q, R, & M) will provide service from all over Manhattan to as far as Jamaica. For service to Brooklyn, Long Island City conveniently has the (G) train to take you directly from Queens to Brooklyn.

For inter-neighborhood travel (just in case you hate the subway, I’m with you on that), the (Q69, Q103, & Q66 (to a certain point)) will provide vertical travel throughout Long Island City. For horizontal travel, the (Q66 (to a certain point) & Q102) will be your savior! However, I would recommend walking along the riverside for an enjoyable walk and a relatively quick commute throughout LIC.


Known for its industrial commerce and production, Long Island City features diverse residents and a growing entertainment scene. As older industrial buildings transform to modern greeneries and local parks, you’ll find residents taking a stroll through one of the idyllic riverside parks, writing out their latest food blogs at a local coffee shop, or creating some beautiful works of art. Enjoy a casual neighborhood with eccentric residents always ready to tell you a fun story or dance on the streets.

Restaurant & BarsRestaurant & Bars

With an eclectic mix of burgers to Dutch food, Long Island City houses a variety of food options. For those non-vegetarians out there (me), John Brown Smokehouse will provide you with all the smoked meats available. Come with a big appetite and eat until you have troubles getting out the door. Their pulled pork sandwich is something to worship. For a Spanish flair in your food, Blend on the Water (what an amazing name) offers authentic Spanish cuisines. We recommend the Veggie Paella which combines a mix of flavor with a Spanish spice (it’s also Vegetarian so what’s not to love).

When paella can’t satiate the deep hunger in your soul, bars can provide. For a traditional, yet passionate bar that serves some of the best Old Fashioneds in the city, Dutch Kills (another unique name) will excite your taste buds with flavor and authenticity. For an amazing location in a land-marked building, L.I.C. Bar will entice the history buff inside with beautiful architecture and, of course, amazing drinks.


Known for its semi-affordable housing with a close proximity to Manhattan, Long Island City’s market is fairly affordable compared to New York’s average. Comparing Manhattan’s median sales and rental prices at $1,220,000 and $5,299 respectively, LIC boasts an $820,000 median sales price and a $2,500 monthly rental.

Final VerdictFinal Verdict

With a mixture of fun and casual, Long Island City fits the best of both worlds. For those wishing for a relaxed vibe with a killer view of Manhattan or an enjoyable dinner at John Brown Smokehouse, LIC can easily provide. Come to Long Island City for the breathtaking Manhattan views and stay here forever to enjoy the strong community values and the paella.