Located between Houston and the FDR to the north and south, and Allen Street and the FDR to the east and west, this smaller Manhattan neighborhood packs a lot of punch.

Accessibility: The Lower East Side is served by the F, J, M and Z trains, each of which stops mostly on the western side of the neighborhood. For transit around the rest of the LES your best bet will be the bus. The M9, M15, and M22 lines run throughout the area.


Lifestyle: The LES used to be a working class, slightly less vibrant neighborhood. Since the early 2000’s, however, the neighborhood has seen a number of new constructions and rezoning, transforming it into one of NYC’s hottest places to live. Now, it’s home to a large population of art galleries, luxury buildings, and active nightlife. Some even describe the neighborhood as a circus. If quiet is what you’re looking for, then you might want to consider looking elsewhere.

Restaurants and Bars: Many of our favorite Manhattan hot spots are located in the Lower East Side. Whether you’re looking for pancakes or frozen margaritas, you’ll find tons of food options all around the neighborhood. You might recognize NYC strongholds like the Clinton Street Baking Company and Stanton Social from a few of our Top 5 Lists. For less trendy and often less pricey options, check out eateries the iconic Katz’s Deli, a remnant of the amazing (food) culture brought to the neighborhood over a century ago.

Cost of Living: Rent in this area can fluctuate from block to block, a byproduct of the LES’s peculiar mix of pre-war walkups and luxury buildings. The median rent for a one bedroom in the LES is $2,500. Still, keep in mind that while $2,500 might secure you a walk up on a busy street, it might be tough to find a more modern abode for that same price. Luxury rents can reach up to $7,000 a month for a one bedroom.

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