The disparity between the size of a NYC apartment and its price tag can be pretty shocking for first time renters. While there’s no denying that there isn’t much bang for your buck in the Big Apple, the demand for these shoebox-sized apartments seems to reach new astronomical heights with each passing day. Many people ask…Why?

This quandary hearkens upon the old adage of location, location, location. Living in New York City guarantees access to one of the world’s great meccas of…everything. On the one hand, with such immediate proximity to fashion, culture, art, world-class food, commerce, architecture, diplomacy, science, technology, nature, etc., there are bound to be more reasons to be outdoors than cooped up in your “charming” little apartment. At the same time, however, this constant and endless influx of inspiration and culture gives New Yorkers a sense of creativity that ultimately comes to life in their individual living spaces.

Instead of letting tiny spaces get them down, many New Yorkers practice creative and efficient designs to make the absolute most out of their homes. Drawing inspiration from their city, finding multiple uses for one piece, creating mixed uses for space, and incorporating outdoor elements into vertical life are just a few examples of how New Yorkers are enjoying their private spaces. Explore unique design ideas with Suitey weekly. Share your ideas in the comments and join us in our quest for the perfect apartment!