Also known colloquially as the Bloomingdale District, the Manhattan Valley neighborhood is an area in the Upper West Side, bound by West 110th Street to the north, Central Park West to the east, West 96th Street to the south, and Broadway to the west. The neighborhood has a rich history and is extremely diverse; residents from all backgrounds have made the area home and contribute to the charming sense of community evident in the neighborhood.


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First settled by Dutch emigrants in the early 1700s, Manhattan Valley (then Bloemendaal, which became Anglicized to ‘Bloomingdale’) has one of the oldest recorded histories in Manhattan. The neighborhood remained largely comprised of Dutch, Irish, and German emigrants all the way until the 1950s, when it began to adopt some of the diversity that is evident today.

The area fell into decline for several decades as historic buildings were demolished and replaced with housing projects as a result of an initiative led by city planner Robert Moses. The construction project was mired in controversy and claims of corruption. After the Wall Street Boom of the early 1980s, the area underwent a restoration period that brought in new local businesses and modernized residential buildings.


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Manhattan Valley is a moderately accessible neighborhood in terms of public transit. There are several buses, and the 1, 2, and 3 trains run along the western border near Broadway. Additionally, the A, B, C, and D trains run along the eastern border near Central Park. Your commute to work, or even transferring to lines that will take you to Brooklyn or Queens, will be no problem.


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The Manhattan Valley neighborhood offers a range of food, leisure, and cultural options. Visit the Nicholas Roerich Museum, enjoy a stroll alongside the waterfalls in Central Park, or visit Morningside Park’s Down to Earth Farmer’s Market.


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Manhattan Valley offers a wide array of restaurant options from quaint diners to posh, upscale brunch locales. We recommend you check out Freda’s Caribbean and Soul Cuisine, Thai Market, Flor de Mayo, or Arco Café. Offering soul food, Thai, Peruvian, and upscale Italian cuisine respectively, the neighborhood truly has everything you are looking for food-wise.


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Real estate costs in the Manhattan Valley neighborhood are on the rise but are still considered relatively low for Manhattan real estate. Prices are definitely more affordable compared to adjacent southern properties on the west side. A typical home in the neighborhood is a 3-bedroom apartment valued at $2.5 Million. The median price for a 2-bedroom apartment is $1.66 Million and median rentals are priced at $3,650/mo.

Final Verdict

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The Manhattan Valley neighborhood is a quiet, diverse area that’s moderately priced and perfect for those looking for an escape from the hectic rush of NYC. Consider this area if you’re looking for an even-keeled living experience in a neighborhood with a diversity of culture and character.