This week, we sat down with TripleMint agent Phillip Salem. We learned about his prior experience as a business owner, life as an agent, and love for Mariah Carey… and his dog Coco.

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Why did you become an agent?

I’ve always had a love for New York real estate, and wanted to help my clients from my former business with their next lifestyle decision.

Where did you previously work?

My former business was called OWEN. It was a men and women’s designer clothing store located in the Meatpacking District. We had a great three and a half year run, before transforming into a private-label handbag line that was picked up by Bergdorf Goodman and Moda Operandi, to name a few retailers. However, I eventually decided to shift my passion from helping people dress and feel amazing to guiding them into living fabulously in their new homes!

What is the best part of being an agent?

The best part of the job is finding homes for my clients that truly make them happy. I love receiving their phone calls after they move in. Hearing that they had an amazing experience finding their home makes me very happy.  

What does a typical day as an agent entail?

No day is ever typical, but networking with potential clients is a large, but enjoyable, part of my day. Also, while scheduling home visits is sometimes time consuming and requires extreme attention to detail, the actual home search is my favorite part of the process.  Helping my clients prepare their financial documents for both sales and rental apartments is an extremely important part of my day as well.

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What is the best review you’ve ever received?

Oh, I have a list! However, I think this is the best one: “Phillip is incredible, and should be an example for every agent in New York. I cannot give him, or TripleMint, enough credit.  He is the consummate professional.  He works with such passion and grace, has full knowledge of inventory, and really listens to your needs and wants. I would rent or buy any home from Phillip again”

What’s the most difficult part of being an agent?

It’s difficult hearing “no” so many times throughout the day. However, the hundred “no’s” make that one “yes” so much more valuable!

What is your favorite neighborhood, and why?

I love West Chelsea, and it’s not just because I live there! I just love seeing this neighborhood completely transform. I remember living here a year ago, and being unable to find a single coffee shop. Over the past few months, six have popped up in the area. West Chelsea is very artistic, and has a distinctive vibe. Besides the boom of apartments, I love the galleries and the ever-changing art scene. Favorite spots include Corso Coffee, Hotel Americano for brunch, and Comme Des Garcons for shopping.

What do you do with your free nights?

My fiancé and I often go out to dinner, with most nights ending with a Mariah Carey dance party…with our dog Coco… who also dances. Just last night we had a Toni Braxton session. I love a Toni Moment!

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What does the future hold for Phillip Salem?

I just turned 30, so I keep telling myself I am 30 and thriving! I want to continue to build my client base and really dive more into the sales market.

Do you have any tips for agents who are starting out?

Make sure to ask your clients a lot of questions and fully explain to them that the NYC buying and rental process is very different from other cities.  

Do you have any tips for members searching for apartments?

Really listen to your agent. We’re on your side. Serving you is our ultimate goal, especially at TripleMint. That’s why I love TripleMint; we’re all about customer service which is sometimes a lost trait in the real estate world. We truly work for your best interest and hope to not only make this a one-time transaction, but a lifelong relationship as your real estate agent!

What are a few of your favorite things?

Traveling, a huge pool, and the sun! Vieques is my favorite place in the world, and I love traveling there. I’m addicted to Twizzlers, and eat a pack a night. I love my dog, Coco, more than anything…actually equal to my fiancé, and Mariah Carey. I dance a lot and take hip-hop classes with my friend, Mila. We always do a Janet Jackson or Ciara routine and I am obsessed with the dances we come up with.  

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