As we get closer to the season eight premiere of Million Dollar Listing New York, we can barely contain our excitement that our very own Tyler Whitman will be joining the cast of the Bravo show!

As viewers across the world tune-in each week, Tyler isn’t the only one they’ll come to love and adore. Each week, members of the Whitman Team will also make cameos on the show. We sat down with members of the team to learn a little bit more about each of them individually as well as their dynamic.

Who is part of the Whitman Team at Triplemint?

The Whitman Team is comprised of eight members – Tyler Whitman, Ashlie Roberson, Tara Burns, Lawrence Lee, Kemba Buchanan, Josh Heyer, Bailey Gladysz, who is the team’s Director of Operations, and Colton Childs, who is the team’s assistant. Though they all come from vastly different backgrounds, they share a common belief that buying, selling, or renting a home in NYC should be one of their client’s best life experiences. As any real estate transaction is a highly personal investment decision, these agents make sure their client’s needs are the top priority.

Please tell us one fun fact about each person on the team.

  • Tyler: I came out of the closet in a small town in the south when I was 14 (almost 20 years ago in a much different social climate) and was met with nothing but love! Don’t underestimate the love of the south.
  • Lawrence: I know an inordinate amount about raw denim and have recently taken up pipe and cigar smoking as well as distance running.
  • Ashlie: I was the opening act for a Backstreet Boy (Brian Littrell) when I was 11.
  • Josh: I graduated with only 25 people in my high school class.
  • Tara: I was Miss Tennessee in the Miss America pageant.
  • Kemba: I grew up Rastafarian.
  • Bailey: I won three state championships for lacrosse in high school.
  • Colton: I was runner up to be the spokesperson for Red Lobster not too long ago.

You all come to real estate from different backgrounds. How has this contributed to your team’s success?

Our different backgrounds prior to real estate really create a dynamic group where we know exactly who to call on when we have various client scenarios. Tyler and Lawrence have the strongest, long-term background in real estate, so their knowledge of the market over time is quite rich and they know the answer to nearly every question that our more junior agents have.

Bailey led a sales team for three years at her former job, so she has great guidance in regards to client follow up plans, communication and maximizing our time as salespeople efficiently.

Ashlie and Tara’s background in acting is a daily reminder that we’re “on stage” all the time with clients and brokers.

Josh has an analytical background in media and is outstanding to lean on when we are seeking insight on strategy and crunching numbers.

Kemba comes from hospitality and her clients are obsessed with the level of caringness she brings; we all aspire to have the heart of Kemba.

How would you describe the team’s dynamic?

We’re a family. In an industry that has fierce competition, high stakes, and very strong personalities, it’s so important to be part of a group where you can be yourself, whether you’re having your most shining, proud moment or having a moment of vulnerability.

Walking into our office is a safe space where everyone truly cares for one another and celebrates each other’s successes. We’re competitive with each other and more importantly, we’re collaborative with each other.

Do you have a team motto?

We don’t have a team motto but we say “yaaaaas” a lot and we make this sound when we’re excited that doesn’t have a spelling (that sounds like skiiiirrrrrt with the roll of the tongue).

Since everyone’s schedule is so different, how do you stay connected?

A real estate agent’s schedule varies immensely. Monday mornings are like church for our team – we have a standing meeting every week for 90 minutes at the same time. We kick off every weekly meeting by going through one personal and professional thing we’re grateful for. Then we catch up on our clients, sales topics and various other action items.

We have a text thread with all of us that ranges from work questions to shout outs, to the most hilarious, belly-ache laughing non-work chats you can imagine; we’re on that text thread multiple times a day.

How often do you get together outside of work? If so, what kind of activities do you participate in?

At least once per quarter, we formally get together to do something big and exciting to celebrate the previous quarter. We try to do a team lunch or dinner here and there. Often, when we get together, it will be two or three of us after work for a cocktail or a work out class.

The Whitman Team is described as one of the most talented and dynamic real estate teams in NYC, and rightfully so! With over a decade of real estate experience and a thousand transactions in NYC, the Whitman Team is one of the highest-rated residential sales teams in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Their combined talents and proven strategies have resulted in dream homes for renters and buyers, and incredible financial rewards for sellers.

As Steve Jobs once famously said, “Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people.” This quote epitomizes Tyler Whitman and the Whitman Team’s success. Without his team, Tyler says he wouldn’t be where he is today.

For more updates from the team, check them out on Facebook and Instagram and be sure to tune into season eight of Million Dollar Listing New York starting August 1 at 9/8c on Bravo.