With a North to South boheaderrder of 59th St. to 29th St., and an East to West border of Madison Ave. to Hudson River, Midtown West is a bustling area with bountiful activities and bright neon signs!

Accessibility: As Midtown West is home to Times Square, it is fairly easy to get to and from the area. The (N, Q, R, 1, 2, 3) trains run diagonally across the whole area while the (B, D, F, M, A, C, E) trains run vertically throughout the different avenues. The (7) trains are the only subway lines that run horizontally throughout Midtown West. For busses, the M104 and M7 provide transportation vertically through to the Upper West Side. The M42 can help provide transportation horizontally throughout Midtown West.

Lifestyle: Midtown West is a popular hub for luxury shopping, culturally diverse restaurants, and fantastic broadway shows. Simply walking across broadway will get you to Times Square, one of the busiest spots in all of New York. Just a few blocks away sits Bryant Park, a gorgeous location for yoga, food, and lounging. Whether it be night or day, popular spots along Broadway are usually crowded as people weave throughout the neon signs. However, just a few avenues away on 9th ave., there are more peaceful streets with many eclectic restaurants. Midtown West is filled with people lounging around in one of many free seating areas, grabbing a bite at the plethora of quick eateries, or racing around to get to work or catch a cab.

Restaurant and Bars: A melting pot of not only people, but food as well, Midtown West has cuisines, such as Italian, Thai, and Cuban, all nicely packed into one area. For calmer scenes and a wider variety of restaurants, we suggest heading over to Hell’s Kitchen (9th ave. 40-55th st), an area within Midtown West that boasts fine dining, small eateries, and wonderful food carts to satisfy any craving. With popular spots such as Gordon Ramsay at The London and Nobu Fifty Seven, Midtown West provides fantastic options for anyone.

Cost of Living: Being in close proximity to the Midtown business district and with the recent influx of skyscraper developments, the average apartment prices within Midtown West tends to be above the Manhattan average. With a median rental cost of $3,500 for a 1-bedroom, and median sales price dangling around a million, Midtown West apartments don’t come cheap. However, with the price tag comes wonderful nightlife, diverse restaurants, and luxury shopping that should match anybody’s needs.