Midtown West NYC is one of the busiest parts of NYC and features several notable landmarks and destinations that immediately come to mind when people think of New York City. Bound by 59th Street to the north, 29th Street to the south, a west border at the Hudson River, and an east border at Madison Avenue, the neighborhood is one of the most densely populated in Midtown by both businesses and residences.



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For quite some time, Midtown West has been the central location for commerce and entertainment. When the subway arrived in the early 1900s and The New York Times headquarters was erected in 1904 at 42nd and 7th Avenue, the neighborhood began to blossom into the thriving area we know it as today. As a spectacle of neon lights, ornate theater production marquis, and sky-high corporate headquarters, there’s almost nowhere in the world as unique and culturally iconic.

One of the most interesting things about the area’s development over the last 50 years is that it’s now a one-stop shop for everything Manhattan has to offer. You have shopping, restaurants, transportation accessibility, arts and entertainment, one of the most thriving central business districts in the world, and charming, emerging residential neighborhoods like Hell’s Kitchen and Chelsea.



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Midtown West NYC is one of the most central locations in Manhattan, and as such, it’s one of the most accessible neighborhoods in all of New York. Various stops throughout Times Square ensure that you can access almost every subway line. The neighborhood services the A, B, C, D, E, F, M, N, Q, R, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 trains. If that’s not enough, there’s Port Authority Bus Station and Penn Station, which offer a range of bus and rail services. 



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Midtown West NYC is one of the busiest areas in a city that’s notorious for its rapid pace of life. There’s something for everyone, from its huge array of Broadway musicals and plays, dizzying range of big-name retail chains, and variety of restaurants and bars. While many locals avoid the area to skip the crowds of tourists, it’s a go-to destination for any Broadway fan or retail shopper.



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New York is famous for its climate of multiculturalism and the various cuisines and customs that stem from that. Casual, bustling lunchtime eateries line the streets around Times Square for the corporate midday crowd, including Frame and Two Forks. Venture slightly east towards Hell’s Kitchen to enjoy fine dining and dive joints alike, including Hummus Kitchen, K Rico, Gotham Market, and Hell’s Kitchen.



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The close proximity to the central business district of Midtown definitely inflates the price of real estate in the area. In fact, Midtown West has the highest retail rents in the world along Fifth Avenue. With that said, you can submerge yourself in all of the glitz and glamour of Midtown for $1,897,500 for a 2-bedroom condo, or $4,495/month to rent a similar property.

Final Verdict


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While some folks want their home to be a quiet sanctuary away from the loud, hectic day-to-day of NYC, other people welcome that as part of a truly New York experience. If that sounds like you and the budgets for the area don’t scare you away, there are plenty of viable residential options here for you.