Located near midtown Manhattan, Murray Hill is bound by East 34th Street to the south, East 40th Street to the north, 6th Avenue to the west, and the East River to the east. The area is located near one of the primary business and commerce hubs in Manhattan, but also provides several gorgeous properties, restaurants, bars, and other avenues for residents to enjoy.


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Murray Hill was named after the Murray family, who were 18th-century Quaker merchants. Robert Murray, the family’s patriarch, moved here from Pennsylvania sometime in the early 1750s and became the most prominent shipper and trader in New York.  

Afterwards, he purchased land from the city in order to build a grand farm and home that would later become known as Murray Hill (also known as ‘Inclenberg’ and ‘Belmont’).

The home played a prominent role during the American Revolution, when Mary Lindley posed as a loyalist and delayed the British by inviting officers in for tea and cake after they landed at Kips Bay. This quick thinking gave General Washington the time he needed to make a safe retreat.

The area became an upper-class residential area until the 20th century, when it began modernizing with the famous brownstones the area is known for. Beginning in the 1990s, the neighborhood began to transition into a hub for recent college graduates, with several bars, restaurants, and renovated residential units providing a welcome space for entry-level or early-stage professionals.



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Murray Hill provides moderate levels of accessibility via public transit. The 4, 5, and 6 trains run north and south through the area, with the 7 train running east to west. FDR Drive also runs along the East River, ensuring the east side of Manhattan is a quick car ride away. 



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The lifestyle in Murray Hill can range from a quaint residential vibe to a bustling business and commerce scene, depending on what street you’re on. You can find harried business people coming and going from work, and people walking with their adorable dogs along the East River.  

At night, the area comes alive with an eclectic bar scene, ranging from affordable dive bars and pubs to high-end cocktail and wine bars. Some of our favorites are The Ginger Man, Joshua Tree Bar, Reserve Lounge at Morgan’s NY, and Middle Branch.


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When it comes to food, there’s something here for everyone. From fine Parisian cuisine to hole-in-the-wall Indian joints, the area has it all. Our favorites include Rossini’s for Italian, Bareburger for organic, exotic burgers, and Kajitsu for high-end Japanese cuisine.


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Taking into consideration the neighborhood’s proximity to the heart of Manhattan, real estate prices are very affordable for the neighborhood. The median sales price for a property is $700,000 and the median rent is $3,150/mo. Among the properties, residents have a wide selection of historical brownstones and duplexes, mixed with a number of spacious, luxury, high-rise condos and apartments as well.

Final Verdict

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Murray Hill is a neighborhood that offers a lot to its residents. It’s got bars, restaurants, and other avenues of leisure and entertainment that cater to the professionals that live in the area. The majority of these places are affordable, and they even stay open late to accommodate the bar crowd.

Despite some hard-partying weekend warriors, the neighborhood is surprisingly tranquil during the week and offers a convenient respite from the hectic bustle of Midtown.