If decorating your bachelor apartment feels like a challenge, you’re in good company. Men, especially single men, often feel like they don’t or can’t spruce up their home. Bachelors everywhere wonder what they should do and ultimately do nothing.

We’ll help you figure out what you can change to make your bachelor pad impressive for anyone while still making it your own!

Avoid the Blues

While blue is typically the color associated with male hood, you don’t need to coat your place from top to bottom in blue. Look at other male-centric colors like green, gray, black, taupe and yellow.

Spice Up Your Walls

Try using your walls as blank canvases with great artwork. There’s plenty of options for different tastes and personalities. Go ahead and find the style that best suits your character.

Say farewell to the Futon

If you’re using your futon to sleep, replace it with a bed and a good quality mattress. Not only does it look nice, but it’s better for your back and overall health. Are you using the futon as a sofa? Invest in a quality sofa that can double as a bed.  You’llheader have a great looking piece and a place for your guests. For a place to find these items check out AptDeco for some amazing pieces.

Ill-Fitting Furniture

Often times, men will purchase a sectional that takes up most of the room’s footprint, cutting off the flow of the room. Opt for a streamlined version of your furniture to declutter the space and create an elegant look.

Cover Your Windows

Always keep your windows in mind when decorating. If you have plastic blinds, you could try some simple drapes for a distinguished look. Pick a solid color or take a risk with stripes. Don’t forget that drapes come in singles so get two packages for the full pair.

Add a Headboard

A bed without a headboard looks unfinished. Finish off your bedroom and create a relaxing refuge away from the world. It doesn’t even have to be a real headboard. You could hang some old window frames on the wall behind your bed or build your own headboard from reclaimed lumber.

Hide the Equipment

If you’re all about a big screen TV and state-of-the-art stereo system, try some storage components to hide your theater equipment. If you’d like your TV out in the open, make it part of the setting by adding a bookcase or other furniture around it to help it blend in.

Forget the Bad Lighting

Overhead lighting isn’t always the best option. The light can be harsh and unforgiving, especially if it’s fluorescent lighting. If changing the overhead lighting to something softer is not an option, invest in table and floor lamps. They’ll create a warmer light that will set the mood.

Throw in Some Personality

You have a personality so why not express it? It is your home, after all. Add some decorative accessories that speak to who you are. Photography buffs can add some vintage cameras. World travelers should include a variety of globes and maps around. Science enthusiasts can place some skeletons around. Regardless of what you’re into, make it yours. Your home is your home, not a showroom.

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