Netflix and chill sounded like a solid weekend plan until you got online and saw what’s coming to New York City in April. From April 18 to 29, the TriBeCa Film Festival is taking over most of Manhattan.

This isn’t your normal date night, where you go to the nearest AMC Theater and see whatever movie is playing. This is a festival playing movies that are hand-picked for a discerning cinema audience, on a range of interesting and engaging topics. These films may not play in your local movie theater, so this is your chance to see some exclusive, quality movies. Check out our guide below to this awesome annual festival.

I’ve Got a Golden Ticket


Let’s just get this out of the way now. This festival is going to cost you a pretty penny. While you can buy separate tickets to each movie at $21, you can buy 8-ticket and 16-ticket packages that will cost you between $250-$425.

If you’re a real movie buff, you can purchase a Hudson Pass, which will set you back $1,250. If you have $6,000 to randomly spend, you could also invest in a VIP pass that gives you the highest level of access at the festival.

You Think Zombies Like Jordans Too?


There’s a bunch of amazing movies hitting the festival this year with some interesting premises.

In Cargowe follow an infected father and his infant daughter through the zombie-infested Australian outback (hopefully those cute little koalas and baby joeys are okay) in his race to find a cure.

For sneaker fans like myself, there’s a documentary about the infamous AJ1 (Air Jordan 1). From the controversy of them launching and an unknown (at the time) Michael Jordan wearing them to how the sneaker scene has taken off because of this shoe, Unbanned: The Legend of AJ1 should be an interesting take on this subculture.

War is something that no one should ever experience. In Adventure Not War, we follow three U.S. veterans through the mountains of Iraq, not to wage war but to experience the country and its culture while on a mission to heal their wounds.

With 46 countries submitting movies spread across all sorts of genres, you have the chance to see movies directed by a variety of very talented individuals.

Timeless Classics


The biggest headlines coming out of this year’s festival are the anniversaries of a number of cinematic classics. On April 19, Scarface will be screened to celebrate 35 years since its initial release. Following the movie, you’ll have the opportunity to talk to the man that famously uttered, “say hello to my little friend,” with Al Pacino and his beautiful co-star Michelle Pfeiffer answering a special Q&A.

Along with Scarface, Schindler’s List will be making its return to the big screen. On April 26, you can hear director Steven Spielberg, and Oskar Schindler himself, Liam Neeson, speak about this groundbreaking film.

La Fin


There are so many films and other speciality events happening during this fantastic festival. To make your life easier, download the TriBeCa Film Festival app to track what events are happening, when tickets go on sale, and any last-minute updates.

You may see someone’s career explode because of a movie that debuted at this very film festival! Take it all in and remember how much hard work, creativity, and talent went into every movie you’re about to watch. Get your popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the show.