Looks like Richard Gere will be practicing his “Officer and a Gentleman” monologue at 34 Gramercy Park East. He bought the two-bedroom unit earlier in the summer, and he has been renovating extensively ever since. The condo was originally purchased for 2.25 million and comes with a rare key to Gramercy Park as well. It wouldn’t be too far-fetched to think that Mr. Gere bought this particular condo just for the park access. But what is so great about Gramercy headerPark? What could be so special about a 2-acre private park in the middle of New York City?

Gramercy Park

What was once swampland up until the 1830’s, has been transformed into a truly private oasis which only the property owners that surround the park have access to. It’s as much of a rite of passage as a perk into the upper echelon of society not only because of is exclusiveness but because of it’s rich 200-year history. There is a lot of tradition that surrounds the park when a resident has the ability to “own” one of the prized keys. The only other way to gain access to the park, if you are not a property owner, is to be a guest of a property owner with a key.

34 Gramercy Park East

Besides gaining access to Gramercy Park, 34 Gramercy Park East has its own perks and history as well. The apartment building was first constructed in 1883. This nine-story red brick building has the distinction of being the first coop in New York City. Even in 1883, Gramercy Park East was a landing point for celebrities of the time and age. Currently, the building does allow dogs and cats, has an elevator, and a full-time doorman. In the present day, the building has 10 stories comprised of 45 individual units.

What would it be like living in an apartment building that was first built in 1883? Many could assume it would be like taking a trip back in time. Seeing glimpses of the past in every corner. The ability to live in a building with so much history and then be able to walk out the doors of your apartment into one of the largest hubs for technology, business, and overall innovation is pretty incredible when you stop and think about it.