Considered a cultural hub with residents from all over the world, Sunnyside boasts a verdant vibe with tree-lined streets and intriguing shops all housed within an affordable real estate market.

Bordered from North to South with 37th Avenue to Laurel Hill Boulevard and East to West with 53rd Street to 39th Street, Sunnyside may not have a plethora of parks, but it does include several gorgeous cemeteries that will make every visit memorable.


If you’re planning on commuting to Sunnyside beware it is limited. The only main subway line that will transport you into the Side that is Sunny (or Sunnyside) is the (7) train off the 33rd Street, 40th Street, and 46th Street stops (just in case you fall asleep and miss your stop, you have three!). Any one of these stations will land you perfectly within the neighborhood. For internal travel within the neighborhood, there are buses galore. For East to West travel, the (Q32 & Q60) buses will be there for you (when your parent’s car is not) while the (B24 & Q104) buses provide North and South transportation.


Featuring several mom and pop shops and unique eateries, you’ll find several residents taking a new Instagram photo of the Sunnyside arch or browsing through the 46th Street shopping district. Sunnyside is very lively with people walking in and around the Queens Boulevard Bridge and lounging in one of the recreational areas underneath the bridge. The community is very tight (as in close); people know each other and will talk about the best brunch they had the day before or if little Timmy just got a gold star in preschool. If you’re feeling outdoorsy and active (which is rare for many), then the Sunnyside Gardens Park is great for tennis matches, seasonal events, and the beautiful community gardens, but it is a bit of a walk. For those of us who don’t want to walk too far away from the subway station, the Sunnyside Calvary Cemeteries (I know, it sounds weird) are absolutely gorgeous and provide some much-needed greenery in the middle of the urban neighborhood.

Restaurants & BarsRestaurant & Bars

Along with an eclectic mix of cultures and ethnicities, the cuisines found within Sunnyside are as diverse as they are delicious. SoleLuna‘s casual Italian atmosphere provides some authentic dishes with a modern twist. Rumors on the Italian street tell us that the Puccia Valtellina is something special that anybody should try breakfast, 2nd breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Ever wish to just pig out at an amazing Mexican restaurant? De Mole sounds like the perfect choice for everyone. With an amazing Nopales Burrito that will entice your tastebuds while making you worship Mexican cuisine, make sure to come hungry because you will not leave empty-handed (or stomached).

To get the true feeling of a neighborhood, you have to try the local watering holes. With our favorite being 43 Bar & Grill, come here if you appreciate the beauty of sports and want to be a little bit loud with a beer in hand. With some classic bar cuisines such as chicken wings but Atomic, the Shofferhofer Grapefruit will ensure to make you giggle from excitement (or drunkenness). For a slightly elegant locale with some amazing food and drink, the Lowery Bar & Kitchen features endless options to convince your brain you’re not an alcoholic. Our favorite has to be Bourbon & Peaches for the sophisticated classy taste.


At a shocking realization, Sunnyside is fairly affordable compared to more trendy areas (I’m looking at you Astoria and Forest Hills). With the median sales price at $510,000 and the median rent per month being $2,125, Sunnyside is very cost effective compared to Manhattan’s sale and rental price, which is $1,227,500 and $4,975 respectively. However, with the affordability of Sunnyside being realized by many, expect an eventual surge in the market as more and more people cash in on the neighborhood.

Final VerdictFinal Verdict

Sunnyside is truly that. It’s a side that is sunny to many (yes, that was very corny). However, aside from the bright atmosphere, you’ll find people enjoying each other’s company and enjoying the neighborhood as a whole. Come to Sunnyside for the affordability and never leave after you have a lovely chat with a random local (while also realizing the 7 train is the only way to get out).