Sunnyside is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in NYC, considered by many to be a hidden gem within Queens. It is home to a multitude of diverse and exciting cultures. There is so much to discover and enjoy with this neighborhood. This guide will help you to take it all on.



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The initial development of Sunnyside was inspired by the garden city movement that had gained prevalence in England.  Between 1924 and 1928, developers constructed the housing development of Sunnyside Gardens, inspiring a wave of residential newcomers to the area.  The timing of this development would prove inopportune, as close to 60 percent of homes in the area were foreclosed upon followed by the depression. In early 2003, an initiative was started to preserve the historic value of the neighborhood, with residents and champions of the cause fighting to have the district rezoned as a New York City Historic District.  In 2007, the area was finally designated by the Landmark Preservation Society.  With these protections in place, Sunnyside has been on a gradual return to its former and original charm.



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Sunnyside is served by the number 7 train, which runs above the main corridor of Queens Boulevard, then stops at 40th/Lowery Street and 46th/Bliss Street. For transit around the rest of the Sunnyside, your best bet will be the bus. The Q60, Q39, and B24 lines run throughout the area.



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Sunnyside is known to have an abundance of thrift shops with some great quality clothing. Along with its many thrift shops, there are some great pubs and bars to explore and enjoy after work or on the weekend. The neighborhood is filled with the opportunity to discover new parts of Queens and the different cultures engrained within the community of Sunnyside.



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Sunnyside, Queens, as mentioned before, is an extremely diverse neighborhood. With that, its diversity permeates into the restaurant and food culture. With a number of dynamic and fan-favorite restaurants ranging from Peruvian to Turkish delights, there is plenty to taste and explore.

Cemitas El Tigre: known to be home to some of the best tacos in Queens, and arguably in the top 10 in NYC, Cemitas El Tigre is a popular spot in the neighborhood. It started off as a smorgasbord stand and took off in popularity, becoming a neighborhood favorite.

Another favorite is Alpha Donuts. This 24-hour diner has been open since 1976 and has maintained its aesthetic ever since. It has a selection of treats and eats that are a must try. Next time you’re in the area, we highly recommend arriving early to order some 90-cent, homemade delicious treats, like their popular crullers and crumb-crowns.

Lastly, another gem of the neighborhood is Los Pollos. This small, family-style and family-run Peruvian restaurant is famously known for their Peruvian green sauce. They specialize in a variety of food, and you never leave feeling disappointed. If you find yourself in the area, you must try their spit-roasted-chicken (and make sure to add a lot of their green sauce to it!).




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Sunnyside is one of the more affordable neighborhoods in NYC. On average, a one-bedroom apartment will cost you $395,000, whereas it will cost you $1,897/month to rent.

Final Verdict


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With the mass amount of wine bars, trendy restaurants, thrift stores, and vintage treasures, our verdict is that Sunnyside is a hidden treasure that needs to be discovered by more New Yorkers.