Picture this, you just finished dinner in the city and now you’re looking to cap your night off with something sweet. You pull out your phone and start searching for where you can possibly go to quiet your sweet tooth. Well, you’re in luck, as New York City has a whole range of places that can satisfy those sweet cravings.

Channel Your Inner Cookie Monster

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Let’s start with cookies (naturally). Throughout the city, there are a bunch of various places dishing out their take on these freshly baked circles of heaven.

City Cakes (located in Chelsea) offers a cookie that literally weighs half a pound. From red velvet to peanut butter to a gooey double chocolate chip, these cookies are beyond amazing (can personally recommend them).

Another popular spot is Levain Bakery (located on the Upper West Side and Harlem), which is famous for its long lines and chewy, mouthwatering cookies.

I’ll Just Have One… Said No One Ever

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For more of a cookie sandwich type of concoction, head to Milk and Cookies NYC in Greenwich Village where they make their own homemade Oreos! When it starts to get a little warmer and you need something to cool down, grab one of their cookie monster ice cream sandwich or red velvet cookie dough crumble sandwich.

Baked daily, Chip (located in Astoria and in the Gansevoort Market in Chelsea) offers a range of delicious flavors including triple chocolate, walnut choc chip, white chocolate macadamia, cookies and cream, funfetti, s’mores, and a range of flavors they alternate between each day.

Mmmm… Doughnuts

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Sometimes you just need a good, freshly baked doughnut. At Doughnuttery, you can get a box of 25, 50, or 100 doughnuts. No, we aren’t talking about normal sized (as in, huge) doughnuts, we’re talking about little mini doughnuts.

Located at Chelsea Market, Columbus Circle, and The Plaza Hotel, you can choose between 23 types of doughnuts and five dipping sauces. The best part is you get to see these miniature delights go on a conveyor belt and into the fryer right in front of you.

Doughnut Judge My Diet

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For these next two types of doughnuts, you’ll need to save some room in your tummy. Doughnut Plant has a wide variety of doughnuts and offers filled square doughnuts and cake doughnuts.

There are a few that sound like a must try including the red velvet with cream cheese frosting cake doughnut, cinnamon sugar cake doughnut, and coconut cream filled doughnut. Luckily for you, they deliver, so you can get them whenever you please.

Long-running favorite Dough offers a more gourmet-style doughnut. From their mouthwatering salted chocolate caramel to their passion fruit or toasted coconut, these doughnuts are freshly baked in small batches every single day, so they can offer the best of the best to their customers.

In 2017, Dough was named the best doughnut shop in the USA. Make sure you stop by when their doughnuts are the freshest and their line is the shortest (early in the morning), so you can try one for yourself.

These Aren’t Your Grandma’s Cupcakes

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Molly’s Cupcakes in Greenwich Village is one of my favorite places to get cupcakes. Their famous center-filled cupcakes are a big hit, such as the highly recommended “Cookie Monster” cupcake which has a raw cookie dough center.

With their rich and tasty frosting, Georgetown Cupcakes in SoHo should be your next place to try. From their amazing selection of cupcakes to their holiday designs, Georgetown is worth the hype.

Brownie Points

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Sometimes you just need a warm brownie with vanilla ice cream after dinner. At the Fat Witch Bakery, there is a wide selection of brownies to choose from. From their Fat Witch Original to their Emerald City Witch (a delicious mint chocolate chip brownie), this bakery will have you flying back for more.