It’s 7pm and the hanger (hunger + anger) that you’ve pacified and quieted to an occasional rumble in your stomach has now completely overpowered your body and is beginning to rot your soul. You’ve crossed the line of no return and you may actually have become a threat to society. You are in the East Village.

Identify your current state of being and get yourself to of the lovely corresponding neighborhood establishments.

***Let us clarify that we hold no liability for the safety of your comrades while en route

1. Bobwhite Lunch and Supper Counter

The 8 East Village Restaurant Game Changers1

The “NYC is crushing my soul and comfort food is needed” Hanger

Where: C between 6th and 7th

What: Fried Chicken, Pulled Pork sandwich, Buffalo Chicken Sandwich (which they sometimes do), Cheddar Grits, the Biscuit and the Banana Pudding & Pecan Pie Bread Pudding

Why: #friedchicken. This is arguably the one of the best southern food spots in the city. I know…boldstatement.

2. The Redhead

The 8 East Village Restaurant Game Changers2

The “I need to still be classy because I’m on a date” Hanger

Where: 13th between 2nd and 1st

What: Bacon Peanut Brittles, Carbonara Flatbread, Redhead Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Broccoli Cheddar & Crispy Shallots

Why: I actually just went here for the first time recently and it was phenomenal – excellent food for very decent prices. It has a southern/comfort food feel and somehow bacon is woven seamlessly into most dishes. Also, expect a date friendly low-key vib with good service that is very hands off – no one likes a third wheel.

3. Caracas

The 8 East Village Restaurant Game Changers3

The “I want to step out of my Chipotle-Comfort-Zone” Hanger

Where: 7th between 1st and A

What: La Mulata, De Pabellon, Volvere, Leek Jardinera and don’t forget plantain chips with guac on the side.

Why: Absolutely amazing Venezuelan food and best arepas in the city. I have singlehandedly spent over a grand here in the past year and I have zero regrets.

***Skip the line: the restaurant gets packed and always has a line so go next door to the take-out area, which you can sit at and get your food in 10 minutes.

4. Sunny and Annie’s

The 8 East Village Restaurant Game Changers4

The “I literally just want a sandwich” Hanger

Where: B between 6th and 7th

What: The Pho Real Sandwich, the Biden and the Bush

Why: One of the most underrated, hidden gems of the East Village. It looks like your standard Bodega but it is so much more. The deli there has some of the best sandwiches in Lower Manhattan. And prices that don’t make you question the purpose of your life.

5. Taqueria Diana

The 8 East Village Restaurant Game Changers5

The “I want a quesadilla the size of an infant” Hanger

Where: 2nd between St. Marks and 7th

What: Carnitas nachos (best nachos in the city, I swear on my first born), Carnitas quesadilla with guacamole, Pollo tacos, Al pastor tacos, Dark meat chicken

Why: This place made me gain 8-10 pounds this winter. But those 10 pounds will be eternally better/more meaningful than any pound will gain when/if I eventually pop one out. I call myself a Mexican food connoisseur and this is hands down the best Mexican I have ever had. It’s definitely a hole in the wall but it is also worth every, single, last calorie.

6. Tompkins Square Bagel

The 8 East Village Restaurant Game Changers6

The “Show me these amazing bagels everyone speaks of” Hanger

Where: A between 10th and 11th

What: Egg bagel with lox and cream cheese, any breakfast sandwich, Everything Bagel with anything…literally everything. Cream Cheese all over my body.

Why: In my opinion (which I understand is actually aggressive and controversial), these are the best bagels in Manhattan. I know, Liz be cray. But they are fantastic. Cash-only but completely worth the three-dollar fee and possible identity theft from any nearby questionable ATM.

7. Whitman’s

The 8 East Village Restaurant Game Changers7

The “I’ve been casually drinking for 8 hours” Hanger

Where: 9th between 1st and A

What: Juicy Lucy, Crack Kale, The East Villy Cheese Steak, the Fried Pickles (they used to have a Patty Melt…ask…it’s a game changer)

Why: Some of the best sober/drunk food [both quality and taste wise] you will ever have. Scouts honor on this one – and you’re just going to have to trust me.

8. Barnyard Cheese Shop

The 8 East Village Restaurant Game Changers8

The “My priorities revolve around how I can maximize my cheese intake” Hanger

Where: C between 9th and 10th

What: the Whit, the Greatest American Hero, the Mexicano Cubano, the Many Grilled Cheeses, the Figgy Piggy, the one that has Gouda cheese. I actually think everything on this menu is fantastic. I also believe cheese should be 75% of the food pyramid.

Why: This place is magical – great sandwiches and fantastic cheese. You will always get a great sandwich here – top quality products and really excellent combinations. #cheeseoncheeseoncheese

Honorable mentions that are 100% worth checking out if for some reason, the above don’t work:

The 8 East Village Restaurant Game Changers9

Northern Spy Co (12nd between A and B, a bit pricey, but fantastic brunch and very high quality farm-to-table style food)

– Ippudo (10th and 4th, some of the best Ramen you will have in the city)

– Westville (11th and A, excellent brunch and around the clock food…everything is good…literally everything)

– Motorino (12th and 1st, some of the best pizza in the city, go for the Brussels sprouts pizza…again, trust me)

S’Mac (12th and 1st/2nd, some excellent mac and cheese, your go-to trump card for comfort food that you should keep in your back pocket)

My community service for the day is done – stopping hanger, one easy villager at a time.