When searching for an apartment in New York City, ample lighting is likely toward the top of your wishlist. Smaller spaces have the potential to seem dark and dreary, especially during the colder months in the big apple.

From bold lamps to intricate fixtures, we have curated a list of some lighting options to choose from if you’re looking for a way to brighten up your new NYC home!

Ceiling Fixtures

Between pendants and chandeliers, ceiling fixtures can add both light and style to your apartment. Although some assembly is required, these lights can instantly enhance your space (something to keep in mind for those looking to sell an apartment in NYC). One of our favorite ceiling fixture trends is globe lighting, a modern yet classic way to illuminate your room!

Twinkly Lights or Indoor String Lights

If you think that string lights are only acceptable during the holiday season, think again! These cozy, sparkly bulbs are a cost-effective way to brighten up an NYC home for buyers and renters alike. Wayfair sells a bunch of modern options that’ll put the traditional string lights you have in storage to shame.

Table and Floor Lamps

Let there be light! Table and floor lamps are an excellent option for those looking to make their New York City apartment shine bright without the need for any rewiring. Just find a space near an outlet and you’re good to go! We are loving these options from Pottery Barn.

Wall Sconces

Although installing these can be cumbersome, the end result of adding sconces to your abode makes them worth the hassle. These wall lights are perfect if you want to add a feeling of luxury, which can potentially help generate buyers when selling your NYC home. If you’re looking for a stunning sconce to match your style, be sure to check out Lulu and Georgia!

Floor and Wall Mirrors

Did you know that placing a mirror across from windows or other light sources can help make your apartment appear brighter and more spacious? Mirrors can act almost like additional windows in your home, so they’re a must when considering ways to brighten things up. Plus, they can add style points to your pad, especially if you choose a mirror like these from Houzz!

Need help finding an apartment in NYC to test these lighting ideas out? Triplemint will match you with a New York City real estate agent who can help you find your dream home! If you have a lighting idea you want us to know about, email us!