Theaderhe symbol of aggression, motivation, and heart, the Charging Bull may be made out of bronze, but it wins a gold medal for any New Yorker. As a popular tourist attraction and one of the most iconic images of NY, this bronze bull represents the fervor within everybody to charge into success. Take a journey into the Financial
District to pose in front of this fascinating structure!

Originally created by Arturo Di Modica in 1989, the Charging Bull spent its first night inside a police impound lot after it was showcased underneath a Christmas tree in front of the New York Stock Exchange. Soon after, the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation installed the bull at Bowling Green. Di Modica initially created this 11 x 16 ft, 7,000-pound bull statue to celebrate the vigor of the American spirit.

Once it found its home at Bowling Green, many people took a liking to it. With thousands of tourists capturing pictures of it every day, it’s popularity rivals the Statue of Liberty. Not only famous for its front perspective, the backside of the bull, which reveals its full anatomy, is a popular section to pose with, even rumoring to give good luck for those brave enough to venture into the deep.

Located in the Financial District (FiDi), the brass bull is poetry in bronze form. From its lowered head denoting its aggression and anger to its twisted body, its intensity and energy is palpable. This pairs excellently with the FiDi’s high-rise buildings and business atmosphere. With the fast paced nature found within this neighborhood and the vigor of the residents, together, the Charging Bull and FiDi are the epitome of aggression and success.