Happy Friday! Here’s the scoop on the New York real estate world this week!

The Week: April 4 – April 8

In this exciting week in the real estate world, we see real estate prices drop, an adorable doorman, and a ginormous Starbucks opening up near you!

TripleMint’s Pick: Michelle Griffith jumps from Trump Int’l Realty to Corcoran

Michelle Griffith one of NY’s top residential brokers working with Trump International Realty has jumped ship and moved to the Corcoran Group. Responsible for selling two of Trump’s personal listings for over 10 million each, it is shocking to see her go against the Republican front runner. Trump International Realty has bheadereen facing some rocky times in the last few years.

How the web series “Horace and Pete” reflects a changing Brooklyn

Louis C.K’s web series Horace and Pete may not have a lot of publicity during its pilot episode on January 30, but it deals with real issues appearing through the New York housing market and real estate. With core values and a fantastic storyline, we recommend at least watching the first episode to get a glimpse of Brooklyn in today’s world.

A doorman who has never missed a day of work — that’s how much he loves his job

Most New Yorkers pass by these knight in well dressed armors everyday as they enter or leave their apartment complex, but have you actually talked with your doorman/doorwoman? Meet Roy a lovable doorman who will warm your heart and make you feel guilty for not talking with your personal doorman/doorwoman sooner!

Prices chopped for over 30% of NYC penthouses

Have you desperately wished to live in a New York penthouse but found the prices just a little too expensive? Well your wishes have been answered because we are seeing dramatic price DECREASES among many NY penthouses! So double check your lease and call your broker agent (Triplemint.com) and bag these awesome penthouses at a lower cost!

World’s Largest Starbucks Coming to Rafael Viñoly’s Chelsea Building

Starbucks. You love it; we love it; everyone loves it. It seems fitting the world’s largest Starbucks will be placed in New York! However it’s opening up in two years. That’ll give you enough time to become a Starbucks Gold Member and enjoy a White Chocolate Mocha when it opens!

Barefoot Contessa Chef Ina Garten Eyes An Upper East Side Pied-a-Terre

Ina Garten, the chef behind the Food Network hit Barefoot Contessa is currently searching for a new home! Word on the street says she may have her eyes set on a $5.4 million apartment on East 88th Street. After looking at the pictures, with its fantastic kitchen, we can see why she might love this apartment!