Apartment Stats: 

Location: 90 Bedford Street, Greenwich Village (Corner of Bedford and Grove)

Floor: 3rd (not confirmed ever but likely since it is Apartment 20)

Square footage: 1,125 (estimated from appearance)

What she paid– $200/mo (Grandmother’s apt. rent stabilized since the 1940s)

Type– Pre-war walk-up

Renovation– Unrenovated

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What would we pay today for it? $4,200-$5,500/mo

The closest thing on the market is a unit just 4 blocks away at 10 Christopher Street. The character of the apartment is comparable. Check out those ceilings! This unit is a 2 bed/2 bath apartment (just like Monica’s). This unit has garden access where Monica’s apartment had a SICK balcony with a view (even if it was of a naked guy).

Comparable Apartment10 Christopher Street (4 blocks from Monica’s place)


Floor– 1st with garden access

Square Footage- Unlisted (approximately 1,000 sq ft)

Renovation– Older stainless steel

Price– $5,395

Description- One of a kind apartment. Massive loft-style 2 bedroom apartment in a secret corner of the Village (Christopher St / Gay Street). Super high farmhouse-style beamed ceilings, massive living room…Read More

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