headerIt’s big, it’s loud, and tells the time. The Metropolitan Life Clock Tower, or the MetLife Tower, is a Flatiron staple that looms over the Madison Square Park.

Designed by Napoleon LeBrun & Sons in 1909, this 700-foot column presents itself as a skyscraper that used to be the world’s tallest building until it was surpassed by the Woolworth Building in 1913. The design of the clock tower was inspired by the Campanile di San Marco in Venice, Italy. With 41 stories, this skyscraper located on 5 Madison Avenue is still one of the largest four-dial timepieces in the world. Its original purpose was to serve as MetLife’s headquarters (hence the name of the clock tower) but now the building is being occupied by new management.

Currently, the clock tower is being utilized as more than just a timekeeper and a headquarters. In the last year, this landmark has been transformed into a high-end hotel with a high profile restaurant. The hotel, opened on May 11, 2015 as an outpost of the Edition Hotel, offers 273 rooms that range from $500-$1200 per night. Along with the fantastic view of Madison Square Park, the hotel offers an intimate lobby bar, a fitness center, and a spa. Therefore, whether you want to relax, be active, or meet new people, surprisingly a clocktower is your best bet.

The MetLife Tower houses a luxurious restaurant aptly named The Clocktower. The atmosphere and cuisine of the restaurant will be that of a tavern. Dishes featured will include more rustic items such as stewed lamb shoulder. However, this style does not resemble all the dishes. There are more elegant dishes that include king crab and Dover sole. Within the restaurant includes three dining rooms, an extravagant bar, and a billiards room.

Starting off as a replica of an Italian building to now symbolizing the epitome of luxury with its beautiful hotel and its rustic restaurant within, the MetLife building remains a symbol of timelessness.