We can all agree that some of the best Instagram accounts out there belong to our four-legged friends. After last weekend’s Halloween Dog Parade, we were inspired to Insta-stalk a few of these adorable pups. Take a look at our collection of the most Instagram-famous dogs of NYC!

Marnie the Dog (@marniethedog) – 2.1M followers

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PC: Instagram: @marniethedog

Arguably one of the most famous canines on Instagram, Marnie the Dog is a New York native! Rescued from a shelter at age 11, Marnie was given a new lease on life and has attracted millions of fans due to her unique and signature look. Aside from enjoying life in the city, 15-year-old Marnie has also had a book published and constantly meets various celebrities.

LuLu Nasty (@lulunasty) – 51K followers

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PC: Instagram: @lulunasty

After scrolling through LuLu Nasty’s Instagram, you’ll immediately feel jealous of the fabulous French Bulldog. With various trips to places including the Hamptons or shopping at Louis Vuitton and others, LuLu is living her best life in the big city.

Hamilton Pug (@hamiltonpug) – 83K followers

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PC: Instagram: @hamiltonpug

If you’re a pug lover, Hamilton Pug is a must follow on Instagram. This rags to riches story centers around a pug who was rescued from a shelter in Ohio and made the big move to New York City, now living a life of luxury. This Instagram feed documents the dog’s journey around the Big Apple.

Toast Meets World (@toastmeetsworld) – 377K followers

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PC: Instagram: @toastmeetsworld

Toast is an adorable, toothless King Charles Spaniel and puppy-mill rescue living in NYC. Toast’s followers will constantly be treated to “selfies” and videos of her living her new life. The page has also become an advocate for ending the cruel practices of puppy mills.

Louboutina (@louboutinanyc) – 168K followers

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PC: Instagram:@louboutinanyc

You’ve probably seen one of the many famous snapshots of this dog. Louboutina is a Golden Retriever best known for giving “hugs” to strangers on New York City’s streets. One of the best parts of this page is looking at the pure joy on the faces of the people this dog hugs.