Stopping by Boerum Hill this weekend? There are a variety of restaurants, but there are also some great burger shops. Here are our 4 recommendations for burger lovers.

Mile End Delicatessen

Mile End Delicatessen is one of the delicacies in Boerum Hill that offers Montreal-style Jewish comfort food. Well known for its smoked meat, the smoked meat hash is our personal favorite. Expect long lines for their amazing lunch and dinner offer; however, it is worth it.

Two8two Bar & Burger2

Two8two Bar & Burger is great for any carnivore. The signature burger is made with beef patty that is topped with poblano chiles, creamy cheddar cheese, and special housemade sauce. However, if you’re still hungry,  the”Pub” Burger will satiate any hunger.

Moo Burger3

Are you looking for a burger place with a stylish interior design and relaxed atmosphere? Moo Burger is the answer to all your dreams. The tasty burgers and warm environment make this restaurant ideal. If you want to keep it simple, then order the All-American burger. However, for vegetarian options, Moo Burger offers several organic meat substitutions.


Do you feel burgers lack creativity? Come to Bareburger and munch on their all-natural burger with a plethora of styles. With plenty of meat options like beef, turkey, duck, elk and bison, why not eat them all! Don’t eat meat? Don’t worry! At Bareburger, there are vegetarian patties such as black bean, mushroom, or quinoa, to make even non-meat eaters salivate.