Woodside has been settled for over 10,000 years, making it one of the oldest neighborhoods in Queens. With a diverse community, where you could expect to hear 5 or 6 different languages while walking on the street, Woodside’s population increased very rapidly. Therefore, the food scene at Woodside has to be delicious and legendary. Take a walk down Roosevelt Avenue, and visit our top eateries and pubs in Woodside.

Sean Og Tavern4

For those in the neighborhood seeking some new friends, Sean Og Tavern is perfect. Cheer with football fans and catch live games at the bar. Expect great music and very amicable bartenders as you scream for your favorite teams. However, the food has to be our favorite part about this tavern. With authentic Irish cuisine and affordable mixed drinks, come here hungry and leave after you’ve eaten everything.

Saints & Sinners1

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, Saints & Sinners is always a must-go place. We recommend their Irish style Chicken Curry served with french fries. With Winter coming, stop by the bar and enjoy their warm atmosphere and their amazing Irish food with friends or family.

Donovan’s Pub7

If you are crushing on burgers, Donovan’s Pub is the place. Enjoy sunny side up eggs on the meat patty and salivate with joy. As one of the classic pubs/restaurants in Woodside, enjoy their traditional food with a family oriented atmosphere. Take the number 7 train to Woodside-61st Street and walk a few blocks to get to this gem.

House of Inasal3

For Filipino food, House of Inasal is our personal recommendation. With breakfast served all day, start your day off right at House of Inasal. Their most popular appetizer is the deep-fried Kwek-kwek; served as 8 pieces quail eggs dipped in delicious batter, order one serving, then another! Another recommended dish is the Kare-kare, which is served with stewed oxtails, eggplant, and a hint of peanut butter.