History of Tribeca

Located in Downtown Manhattan between St. James Place and West Street (east to west) and Canal Street and Vesey Street (north to south), Tribeca is a chic neighborhood that is characterized by cobblestone streets, incredible restaurants, and industrial buildings that have been turned into high-end residences.

Although Tribeca is currently one of the most expensive neighborhoods to live in New York City, it certainly did not start off that way.

Tribeca, which is an acronym for “Triangle below Canal Street,” was formerly an industrial area filled with warehouses. Artists flocked to these spacious abandoned lofts in the 70s which caused the neighborhood to transform into the home of some of New York’s most well-known artists and their galleries.

Today, Tribeca is a hip neighborhood with high-end boutiques, five-star restaurants, and luxury apartments that some of Manhattan’s most elite residences call home.

The Vibe of Tribeca

Tribeca perfectly blends modern sophistication with an industrial flair. It is fairly quiet compared to some of Manhattan’s other neighborhoods and its streets are hardly ever congested with crowds of people.

With high-rise buildings, unique lofts, and no shortage of outdoor space to enjoy, it’s no wonder Tribeca is so popular.

Fun fact: Many streets are considered historic landmarks and the entire neighborhood has a quaint, mellow atmosphere that feels like an escape from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Unique Features of Tribeca

One of the most unique features of this neighborhood is that it is home to the annual Tribeca Film Festival, held every spring since 2002. It is an event known worldwide with screenings of independent films from every genre.

Another thing that makes Tribeca unlike other neighborhoods is that the shops open later. This is because the neighborhood’s residents get a bit of a later start in the morning, but you can catch them dining at one of the area’s many restaurants at all hours of the night.

Things To Do in Tribeca

Between tranquil strolls along the Hudson River and the abundance of well-known eateries, you’ll always be able to find something to do in Tribeca. Here are some of our favorite activities:

  • Restaurants and Nightlife: Because the eateries stay open late in Tribeca, you’ll be able to put your food cravings at ease no matter what time it is. Definition of “the city that never sleeps!”
  • Art Galleries: Tribeca is home to some of NYC’s most notable artists, so it is no surprise that it has some of the best and most unique galleries in Manhattan.
  • Hudson River Park: Here you’ll be able to take in incredible views of the Manhattan skyline while strolling along the river.

Top Food Choices in Tribeca

There’s no shortage of restaurants in Tribeca, so get ready to feast! Check out some of our favorite spots:

  • Bubby’s: To start off your day, grab brunch at Bubby’s, as recommended by Triplemint Agent David Palermo. They provide tasty American food that will make you feel like you’re experiencing classic Tribeca. It is also a great spot for late-night pie!
  • Locanda Verde: For dinner, reserve your seat at a restaurant that all of our agents favor. Locanda Verde is a “soul-satisfying” Italian restaurant led by world-renowned chef Andrew Carmelleni. His dishes are the definition of five stars, from ribeye to ravioli that are actually the chef’s grandmother’s recipes.
  • Frenchette: A fairly new restaurant in the neighborhood, Frenchette is a must-try. From fried blowfish tails to duck frites, the unique cuisine and exclusive natural wines make this spot a local favorite.

Top Three Things We Love About Tribeca

1. Array of Restaurants: There is an abundance of well-known restaurants to try.

2. Industrial Vibe: The spacious lofts with an industrial flair are so unique.

3. Quiet Yet Lively: Although the streets are quiet, there is still so much to do and see in this neighborhood.

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