As it’s Agent Appreciation Week here at Triplemint, we sat our agents down and asked them to share their favorite client success stories from their time here.

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PC: Instagram: @baileyglad

Bailey Gladysz: “I love to make the process of finding an apartment in NYC as fun as possible, since finding an apartment in NYC is stressful, fast-paced, and full of quick decisions. After we sign the lease, I like to honor my clients with a celebratory apartment dance! This is one of my favorite clients, Heather. We found her a quiet 1 bedroom duplex on the Upper East Side, next to Carl Schurz Park, and under budget. It was a gem; she has her own balcony, city views, and two bathrooms!”

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Phillip Salem: “My favorite client success story so far at Triplemint is when I had my clients fly in from out of state to see a house that already had multiple offers and a pending contract on it, but there was something about this house that I knew would be perfect for them. They flew in the next day and submitted an offer within minutes of walking in. We had an accepted offer and it was in contract within 48 hours!”

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Brad Lauren: “I once helped a lovely nursing student who lived in California rent an apartment on the Upper West Side, without even meeting her! I went to several apartments in Midtown and UWS without her because she couldn’t come to NY until her move-in date. I took lots of pictures and videos, always narrating and giving my true feelings about each apartment because I wanted to give her a good feel for each place. I even showed my wife (who was a nurse and is now a doctor) all the videos to get her take on them. None of the places felt right but one Saturday, when I had blocked out my availability because I had family commitments, a listing popped up and I knew she’d love it. I called her and told her I was on my way over to check it out. We Facetime’d the entire tour and that was it! I was able to have her sign the lease digitally that day. She was so happy!”

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Gina Castrorao: “A client and I went out three times together, and he applied for an apartment the second time out. Unfortunately, he was denied due to credit. The third time out, we found an even better apartment and he was approved in 12 hours and signed a lease a few days later. It really goes to show that things happen for a reason and you’ll end up in the apartment that is best for you!”


PC: Chrisoula Papoutsakis

Chrisoula Papoutsakis: “My first referral client, Felicia Kotsamidis, who I also brought in when I first joined Triplemint. It meant a lot to me as I established a relationship/friendship with Felicia and I was able to contribute to two very important stages in her life. I teamed up with Gina for the sale of her apartment, as it was my first sale and I learned A LOT. I was also her agent for the purchase of her apartment in Williamsburg. She was super excited to start her new chapter in a hip neighborhood! Overall, it was a fulfilling experience, as it strengthened my confidence as an agent and has guided me to other successful stories!”

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JJ Choi: I helped a newly arrived couple from New Zealand find their first home outside of faculty housing at Columbia. It was such a rewarding experience!

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Jayme Montgomery: “My new favorite success story are my Long Island City clients, who are relocating from San Fransisco. We started looking in Battery Park City then to TriBeCa, Hudson Yards, and ended up finding the best apartment in Long Island City! As the building in Long Island City was brand new they had to live in another apartment for two weeks while the city gave the certificate of occupancy for their apartment. My clients were champs through the whole ordeal, knowing they were moving into their dream apartment!”

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Sam Lazar: “After my sales teammate and I left finance, I called him after he got back from a long trip (casually climbing Everest) and after a long get-together catching up, he became my first exclusive!”