New York is our home, the greatest city in the world. So, when we saw that our neighbors were among the most impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, we knew we had to do all we can to help our fellow New Yorkers. Which is why we created the Triplemint Fee Relief Program, to ensure that those who have been financially impacted by this crisis don’t lose access to their perfect home.

Triplemint’s Fee Relief Program is our small contribution to anyone who has been financially impacted by the COVID-19 crisis and to all healthcare workers in New York City. We believe that in times of crisis, we must all do our part to help our neighbors. As a real estate tech firm, the best way we can help is to give New Yorkers access to homes at a more affordable price. With thousands of homes on the New York City rental market accessible only through an agent, a discounted fee during these times could make the difference in getting you into the right home. If you are looking to move this summer, we will take into consideration your financial resources and offer broker fee relief based on need. Healthcare workers can take advantage of the highest relief offered through the program, regardless of need. We also offer a suite of tools that make it possible to virtually view, apply for, and sign contracts on a new home, all without leaving your current home until it’s safe to do so again.

Our Client Success Team is standing by to discuss your search criteria and financial need, after which they will match you with one of our helpful real estate agents to find just what you’re looking for. Click here to contact our Client Success Team or call 212-235-1123.