After three months of a New York City shutdown, Phase Two of the city’s reopening is on everyone’s mind. During Phase Two, real estate firms, barbershops, hair salons, and some retail locations will be open for business with social distancing guidelines in place. What do these guidelines look like for real estate?

  • Showings and open houses are only permissible in vacant homes or when the owner / lessee is not present.
  • Showings should be scheduled in advance and only one party should enter to view the property at a time. Children should not be brought into showings. 
  • Six feet of distance must be maintained at all times unless participating in activities that require a shorter distance. 
  • Face coverings should be worn to all showings. Shoe coverings and gloves are optional. We will provide face coverings and gloves as needed. 
  • Hand sanitizer should be available for use before and after each showing. Hand washing stations should include soap and disposable paper towels.
  • Small spaces such as elevators can be used by only one person at a time.
  • There should be a minimal need for touching any surfaces other than those required such as handrails for going up and down stairs. To minimize touching, doors and windows should be open (weather permitting) and lights should be on. 
  • Disinfecting of surface areas and doorknobs should occur before and after each showing. 
  • Remote walk-throughs are encouraged.

Because New Yorkers have been reevaluating their current homes, we expect to see a spike in buying and selling as we transition into Phase Two. There are tremendous advantages to buying, selling, and renting in today’s market. Prices are more competitive than they have been in years, mortgage rates are low, inventory is limited, and there are motivated parties on all sides of the transaction. Since Triplemint was founded to improve the way people buy, sell, and rent apartments, our technology has never been more relevant than it is today. Triplemint gives you a competitive advantage whether selling, buying, or renting, and is accessible via contact-free transactions. Here are three ways we can help you reach your real estate goals:

  1. Our Flight to Quality Model: A market downturn leads to a flight to quality, where investors seek to park their money in the safest assets. Through proprietary data, Triplemint has created a Flight to Quality model that identifies select properties as most likely to maintain or increase in value during a market downturn in comparison with other properties in the same market. Use our model to your advantage when buying in this market.
  2. Our Pre-Market Platform: If you are considering a sale at this time, our Pre-Market Platform offers the opportunity to test demand and price your home properly before listing on the market. This platform has allowed us to sell homes 40% faster than the city’s average days on market by generating demand and often having offers in place before the property is publicly listed. Our platform also helps buyers and renters. Read several case studies here
  3. Our Contact-Free Transactions: Our platform provides everything you need for a contact-free transaction whether you’re moving to a new home across town or to New York City from across the country. We can begin and/or complete the home finding process for you digitally, including pre-recorded or live digital tours, online contract signing, desktop appraisals, and remote walkthroughs. Whether you want to see a home in person or from the comfort of your living room, we have all the tools you need to do so safely. 

Click here to search homes on and call us at 212.235.1123 today to learn more about using our tools to buy, sell, or rent in New York City.