If you’re anything like us, the bitterly cold winter months make you feel like a bear who was deprived of his winter sleep, constantly wishing you were in bed all day and basically only getting out of it to go to work.

What else is there to do during the cold winter months other than relaxing on the couch and eating warm comfort food? Well, fear not, below are a bunch of fun options to make the winter months fly by.

Host a Dinner Party

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There’s no better excuse to stay inside than miserable weather conditions. Then again, you can avoid leaving your heated apartment by inviting your friends to your place for a spontaneous dinner party.

To keep your workload low, make it a potluck and ask everybody to bring a dish or a drink. All you’ll need are enough plates, glasses, napkins, a few light snacks, and a cozy atmosphere. When laughing with your friends and treating yourself to some comfort food, you’ll quickly forget the freezing cold outside.

Visit all the Museums

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If you’re one of these people who’ve been telling themselves to check out all of New York City’s divine culture ever since you moved here, now is the perfect time.

Classics, which are probably on every tourist’s bucket list as well, include the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art (a.k.a The Met), the Guggenheim Museum, the Whitney Museum of Modern Art, and the American Museum of Natural History.

You won’t even have to dig too deep in your pockets for this cultural enjoyment, The Met just asks for a suggested admission, meaning you can pay as much as you want. Its high ceilings and spacious showrooms house art from several centuries, including a life-size Egyptian temple.

If you’re not really into art or history, consider paying a visit to the Museum of the Moving Image. It showcases a three-story extension, featuring a 267-seat cinema and expanded gallery spaces. Meanwhile, the museum’s “Behind the Screen” exhibit examines every step of the filmmaking process.

Honestly, there are so many amazing museums in New York that it would be virtually impossible to list them all here. Visit ny.com for a full list of all the museums in the Big Apple.

Go Indoor Shopping

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Is it drizzling, stormy, snowing heavily, or hailing outside? What better way to pass the time than going shopping? Indoors, obviously.

The best locations for an expansive, and possibly expensive, shopping spree are Westfield at World Trade Center, Brookfield Place, Columbus Circle, or Manhattan Mall.

The best part about going shopping in the cold winter months is the ongoing winter sales and clearances. You’ll score so many good deals that your heart will melt, and you’ll only be reminded of the zero-degree temperature once you step outside. When it comes to Westfield, this doesn’t even apply, since you can walk directly from the center into the subway without stepping outside.

Head to Chelsea Piers

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If you’re looking for indoor fun, think Chelsea Piers. Here, you can basically do anything that you normally need bright sunlight and temperatures above 70 degrees for.

Why not hit a few golf balls, go rock-climbing, or bat it out at one of the batting cages? Swim a few laps or jump on a trampoline. If you can think of it, you can probably do it at Chelsea Piers. You’ll work up a sweat with friends or family while heavy snow is falling outside.

Play Games at a Bar


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Even though New York City is home to some of the best clubs and parties in the world, sometimes we just don’t feel like putting on those sky-high stilettos and a mini dress in the freezing cold. Opt for jeans and a sweater with a more low-key night out.

At Brooklyn Bowl in Williamsburg, there’s a range of great food options to go with your night of mad bowling skills. Another Brooklyn option is Full Circle Bar, where you could become a neighborhood skee-ball legend and treat yourself to a few beers.

If you’re more into classic arcade video games, head to Barcade, which has three locations across Manhattan and Brooklyn.