It’s the most wonderful time of the year…to rent! While apartment hunting, you may notice that rent prices often fluctuate based on the season. Some great apartments that were once out of budget start to become more reasonably priced in the winter months. This is because most people don’t want to move during this time. Here are some reasons why:

Baby its cold outside

During freezing New York City winters most people don’t look forward to carrying boxes up and down icy stairs and standing outside by the moving truck while you get someone to prop open the door to the service elevator. But if you are willing to brave the polar vortex then you can get some of the best deals of the year. That means discounts both with moving companies and landlords.

The difficult winter move is only one day of the year and the benefits only get better with each passing year. Lower base rent means increases won’t hurt as much. When your lease is up, you can also renegotiate due to the fact that most landlords won’t want to have to find a new tenant during the slower winter season.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

The holiday season can only help you get a great deal. When the majority of people are saving for holiday shopping sprees, they don’t want to spend money on moving costs and security deposits. Use this to your advantage. It’s simple supply and demand. Fewer people move to New York City for work in between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, so you can use the holiday to your advantage.

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School’s out for summer

Another reason why most people tend to move during the summer months as opposed to winter is because that’s when college graduates look for new housing. There is a pattern that has gone on in New York City for years. Most students graduate in May, and they tend to move into new apartments between June and September. Even if you aren’t a new graduate, you most likely have a lease that started during these months. It is simply when most leases end and therefore when new year-long leases begin.

If you have a lease that starts and ends in the summer months and want to move during winter, see if you can get your landlord to extend your lease by 6 months or go month-to-month. If you’re a good tenant they will most likely be eager to keep you and will approve the half-year extension. Your goal is to get that November 30th lease termination date. That will be the most beneficial to you.

There’s no place like home for the holidays

If you are already planning to move in the in the colder months of November through January, December is definitely your best option. Being that most leases start on the 1st of the month consider what’s going on around these firsts. November 1st is the day after Halloween. Whether you’ve just taken your kids trick or treating or you’re a little groggy from a wild costume party the night before, you’re probably not eager to move on this day. It’s also still fall at this point. It’s usually not very cold or snowy on November 1st and you want to use those conditions to get you the best deal.

January 1st is New Year’s Day. All of those great deals on moving companies and the like disappear when your move-in day is on an actual holiday. December 1st is the perfect compromise. It gives you a few days after Thanksgiving to prepare and by Christmas, you’re already settled into your new home.

So do your research here on and find that perfect place for your December move.