Growing up in New Jersey, I was spoiled living ten minutes away from New York City. Every day, I would drive home from school and just gaze at the skyline. From the chaotic but lively Time Square to the graceful scenery of Central Park, there are many reasons why we all love living in New York City.

From the Subway to the Cab


Whether you hail a cab or take the subway, everything is just a few minutes or stops away.

While the subway system may have its flaws, it’s better than sitting in rush hour traffic where all you can hear is cab drivers laying on their horns to move a measly two feet.

Once you get over the subway’s maintenance delays, the convenience and ease of public transportation in New York City will forever spoil you.

Clearing the Mind


Peaceful walks are sometimes impossible to find in this city, but they do exist. Go to Central Park, find your own Zen place, or go down to Battery Park and see Lady Liberty’s majestic beauty.

You can even cross over the Brooklyn Bridge and sit along the East River in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Lie in the sun and take it all in while you relax by the water. While the city is hectic and crazy at times, there’s still spots that allow you to relax and decompress.

To keep the outdoor vibe going, New York City offers you a ton of outdoor events that will make your summer nights more eventful. You have the chance to see live Shakespearean performances in Central Park or a range of outdoor movie nights. From the rooftop bars dotted across the city to the historic monuments and buildings, you’ll discover so much just by going on a nice walk or bike ride.

Hidden Treasures


One reason I love this city is because you never know what you’ll discover. I recently got dinner in the Upper East Side and once I finished I stumbled upon an ice cream shop named “UES.” From the outside it didn’t look like a regular ice cream shop, it gave off a more vibrant and lively appeal.

There were a ton of people getting ice cream and someone asked me, “you do know why so many people are here right?” I didn’t and I discovered that there was a speakeasy located behind a secret wall in the shop. With my mind completely blown, I remembered why this city is so interesting. You never know what you’ll find when you have no set plans.

The Evil Empire is Back


Let me get this out of the way now, I’m a New York Mets fan. I know, I can hear you laughing from here. I’m not going to make this completely focused on sports but, when the Yankees are good, and they are very good this year, there’s a different kind of buzz in the city.

When New York has well-performing sports teams, it makes going to bars and games a lot more fun, as everyone is out to cheer on their local teams. We also have the holy grail of sports arenas, Madison Square Garden, and the home of the Knicks and Rangers is a special place to be. That’s another reason why we love living in this city.

I’m in a New York State of Mind


You have five boroughs and close to 300 neighborhoods to choose from. Finding a place to call yours shouldn’t be hard, after all, a little over 8.5 million other people have found a place to live in this city.

Once you move into this city of bright lights and endless adventures, you’ll see why millions love this place, and why you will too. Like Frank Sinatra said, “if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere,” and you’ll definitely love making it in this beautiful city.