During a time when Manhattan dwellers are longing for larger, newer, and more exciting apartments as their families grow, New Yorkers are turning their heads east and peeking just over the river into Brooklyn, but more specifically, Williamsburg – and why shouldn’t they?

While the neighborhood wasn’t as desirable a decade or two ago, in recent times, it has become a true mecca for Saturday food festivals, off the scene theatrics, and culinary experiences that can satisfy the most demanding palettes. Tourists from all over the world are skipping the bright lights of Broadway and high rise observation decks for the local jewelry stands and artisanal donut shops. They flock to Williamsburg to experience a new and thriving culture that seems to have overtaken a once tight-knit community run by a few distinct ethnic groups.

These changes have brought on some backlash from the long-time residents, as a seemingly new world order has overcome a neighborhood once made up of old dilapidated factories and dusty shingled homes. There are now shiny, bright, high rise towers that are pushing the locals out and bringing in big money investors and younger, highly paid individuals who thrive off of capital-driven startup companies. The Saturday stroll to the neighbors stoop seems to now be a thing of the past.

Now, you’re probably thinking, well what makes this such a great place that I should want to live in? This new and revitalized Williamsburg brings the most amazing melding of old and new. Eclectic restaurants that offer some of the most incredible and exquisite dishes stand next to bodegas that are still frequented by the locals. Cocktail lounges featuring some of the most intricate drinks and craft beers serve right next door to local pubs that have stood the test of these ever-changing times.

Williamsburg is filled with every single thing every single person could ever think of doing. Just a quick ten minute ride from Manhattan on the L train and you will experience the best. If you miss breakfast at Egg, try and rush over to grab brunch at Aurora, which adds an incredible Italian touch to some of the most favored American brunch dishes.

Visit the half concert hall, half bowling alley known as Brooklyn Bowl for an awesome evening enjoying some local bands in an all-out fun fest. If you prefer to be outside, spend your afternoons strolling the multiple parks like McCarren Park, which offers several different playing fields for various sports or East River State Park for some breathtaking views of Manhattan’s eastern frontier.

I always wondered why people wanted to live in the city anyway. Don’t you want to pay to both live and SEE the city? Isn’t it everyone’s dream to be able to say to their friends, “Hey check out my view”? Can’t do much of that living on the second floor of East Village walk up now, can you? In Williamsburg, you can enjoy those bright lights from across the water and take it all in each and every night. Prices are reasonable, amenities are amazing, and the apartments are large, so don’t miss your chance!

So hop on a train, ferry, bike ride, bus in and do whatever you can to stake your claim in this amazing and thriving neighborhood that’s just getting started. Enjoy!