Known for its historic landmarks and a mixture of small apartment buildings, co-ops, and private houses, Woodside is affordable, easily accessible to Manhattan, and filled with local pubs.    

Bordered north by Grand Central Parkway, south by Tyler Avenue, east by Brooklyn Queens Expressway, and west by 48th Street, Woodside includes a widespread of residential areas, while also housing many restaurants, coffee shops, and other fun things to do.


Commuting in and out of Woodside can be surprisingly convenient if you’re lucky enough to make the 7 express train. If not, there are still a variety of subway options. Within Woodside, the (7, E, M, R) trains are here for your leisure and can take you all around Queens or into Manhattan with relative ease and a short (or shortish) commute.

For bus transportation, the (Q32 & Q60) provide fantastic horizontal travel throughout Woodside, but for vertical travel, you’re stuck with the (Q18). Speaking from experience, it is very possible to walk around Woodside. Enjoy the tree lined streets while taking a stroll outside with those things called feet.


At first glance, Woodside may seem to lack charm, with hardly any greenery or grand structures, but if you look closely at the residents and sense of community, many love living here. You’ll see newcomers flock to this area of Queens because of its affordability, (wow, never thought I’d say that about NYC housing) and its accessibility to Manhattan. Local residents try to cope with the fact that new developments are becoming more and more common, while single-family homes are being converted into multi-family homes.

Although parts of Woodside are known to be quiet, residential areas, you will find some action on Roosevelt Avenue with a variety of pubs and other delicious restaurants, along with the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Restaurant & BarsRestaurant & Bars

Need (not want) an awesome pub? Look no further, Woodside has a plethora of them. Just head to Roosevelt Avenue, where most of the great food spots live. Donovan’s pub offers Monday night football burger specials for all you sports lovers (go Giants). Added bonus: $15 bucket of 5 beers of your choosing, quite a deal if you ask me. Another great place to check out: Saints & Sinners on Roosevelt Ave. Aside from the awesome food, they often have live music, trivia nights, and some tasty drinks.

Not a fan of pubs? Don’t fret, there are plenty of other options. Check out TJ Asian Bistro for a hip Japanese restaurant with a full sake bar. Their sushi will having you rolling (such a terrible pun, I know). Another great option is La Flor, which serves a fusion of Mexican, Italian, and French food. The chef, Viko Ortega, has been there for the last 10 years and has built out an extensive menu with the freshest seasonal foods and a blend of seasoning.

Now let’s get to the important section, drinking. Woodside houses a few bars that’ll make your nightlife worthwhile. Our recommendation is to head back over to the pubs. You’ll enjoy a night packed full of beer and pool games, so get your game face on.


Like I mentioned earlier, Woodside is one of the more affordable areas in NYC. You’ll get more space for your buck and have an easy commute into Manhattan. With the average sale price at $602,500 and the average rent at $2,399, Woodside is uncomparable to the much higher prices of Manhattan real estate, which sit at $1,242,500 for the median sale price and $4,500 for the median rent.

Final VerdictFinal Verdict

We love Woodside. If your budget is limited but you still want to be in NYC, Woodside is the neighborhood for you. With an easy commute into Manhattan and one of a kind pubs, Woodside is a great neighborhood, and its residents absolutely love living there. Come to Woodside for its affordability and never leave after a night out at Saints & Sinners.