Take a walk through the Theater District of New York City and you’ll see bright billboards and posters for current and upcoming Broadway shows. If you’re wondering what Broadways shows are dominating the scene in 2018, check out our guide below for the top Broadway shows in NYC right now.

The Classics and Must-Sees

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Some of these classic shows have been on Broadway for years. Of course, the longest running show is The Phantom of the Opera with 30 years and 70 major theater awards under its cape. It’s a go-to show for any visitors to NYC, with the musical racking up more than 140 million ticket holders to date.

One classic show that always draws a crowd is The Lion King. From ‘The Circle of Life’ to ‘I Just Can’t Wait to Be King,’ this show will have you singing along in your seat.

Already considered a modern classic, Hamilton is still one of the must-watch shows on Broadway. It’s one of the hardest shows to get tickets to but it’s generally considered to be a masterpiece (thanks to the otherworldly talents of creator, composer, lyricist, and actor Lin Manuel Miranda). If you’re planning to see Hamilton, make sure you buy tickets well in advance (as in, as soon as they go on sale).

From the Screen to the Stage

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The hardest thing about being a child was deciding what cartoons you wanted to watch when you woke up on Saturdays (#simplertimes). You can now see one of these classic cartoons in NYC with the launch of SpongeBob SquarePants: The Broadway Musical this year!

From a movie that was “so fetch” to a popular Broadway show, Mean Girls has recently taken over the New York stage. If you want to snag day-of rush tickets for Wednesday performances, you’ll have to wear pink.

Wingardium Leviosa

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Officially starting April 22, Harry Potter and The Cursed Child will be taking the New York City stage to tell a story that takes place nearly 20 years after the last Harry Potter movie.

Focusing on Harry’s youngest child, the play details his first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Just like Hamilton, these tickets will be extremely hard to get. The play is split into two parts, each of which span two hours, so you’ll be purchasing tickets to both showings at the same time.

But Wait, There’s More

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If you want to go build a snowman, Frozen is now on Broadway. Children (and adults that are kids at heart, myself included) will be flocking to this musical hit, based on the animated children’s movie of the same name.

You also have a chance to be shown the world by Aladdin or take a trip back to the land of Oz in Wicked. Other favorites include Waitress, School of Rock, Kinky Boots, and Hello Dolly.

If you want to see the big Broadway hits of last year, you could also check out the amazing Dear Evan Hansen (won six Tony Awards, including Best Musical) or Come From Away (seven Tony nominations).

With a variety of other shows playing, there’s always something to see on Broadway.