“If Louis was right, and you only get one great love, New York may just be mine.” – Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City

Carrie’s Big Love… The West Village

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Almost two decades ago, the world was introduced, seduced, and enchanted by Carrie Bradshaw, the star and heart of Sex and The City.

Ever since the show ended, fans have wanted to experience the Big Apple like Carrie by visiting the residence of their beloved columnist, located at 66 Perry Street in real life. While in the series Ms. Bradshaw is known to live on the Upper East Side, it’s the exterior of this building on Perry Street in the West Village that actually appears in the show.

The West Village is a place of glamour and luxury, and is always filled with exciting things to do. No wonder they shot her home scenes in this exquisite neighborhood! Let’s dive right in and see the top spots that Carrie and her ladies appreciated the most in the Village.



Alright, the first stop is the reincarnation of SUSHISAMBA, located on the corner of Barrow and Seventh Avenue South. Hit up the place where the fabulous foursome once frequented and where Samantha threw a dirty martini into Richard’s face. 

Jefferson Market Garden

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The next stop to visit is the Jefferson Market Garden, the stunning location of Miranda and Steve’s wedding. The West Village green space, located between Sixth Avenue and West 10th Street, is also popular with kids, especially during the park’s spring and fall children’s’ festivals.

In warm weather, this lovingly tended garden is open to the public on weekends and some weekday afternoons. This lush oasis is a nature-filled treat for the whole family.

Magnolia Bakery



We all remember the time Carrie made the effort to try and give up cigarettes when she was crushing on Aidan, the handsome new man in her life. However, Carrie turned to cake instead, and told Miranda all about Aiden while scarfing down one of Magnolia Bakery’s signature cupcakes.

Bleecker Street

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And finally, the last stop is the one and only Bleecker Street! This street is not only home to Magnolia Bakery, but it’s also filled with boutique shops and designer labels.

Some of these designer labels, which were Carrie Bradshaw favorites, include Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Toosh, James Perse, Brunello Cucinelli, Fresh, Lulu Guinness, Creed, Mulberry, Olive and Bette, and more!



So there you have it, we hope this little sneak peek and must-see guide will help you to experience the West Village like the glamorous Ms. Bradshaw did. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the next one to fill her Manolos and take the Village and NYC by storm. And for you Mr. Big fans, maybe you’ll find your next Carrie as you pop in for those delicious cupcakes at the Magnolia Bakery.