With Venus going retrograde in conservative Capricorn this month, what you want in relationships and finances is changing. There’s a sobering reflection on what brings value to your life, what’s worth your time, and what’s worth your money. Calculating and pragmatic Capricorn wants to achieve tangible results, and with Venus conjuncting Pluto, there’s a transformation in what you value altogether- burning off what isn’t fitting anymore and creating a new vision for what you find valuable. Try looking at new kinds of properties that you haven’t invested in before to make the most of this month’s celestial energy.


December brings a big shift in your career this month, as Venus retrograde re-examines how your work is contributing to what you value in your life. Get focused, efficient, and review if your career meets your financial needs. If you’re not on course for accomplishing your legacy in the world, shift goals at work to get on track. Mars moving into your 9th house gets you busier with legal matters, publishing, and overseas work. Consider foreign investments and acquisitions abroad. Jupiter moving into Pisces brings new mindfulness into how your subconscious programming affects you. Break self defeating patterns and get out of your own way. Use meditation apps, positive self talk, imagery, and affirmations to reprogram your mind for a gentler, more self-affirmed inner voice. 


December brings emphasis into your 9th house of foreign travel, higher education, and legal matters. Venus retrograding causes reversals of fortune and changing philosophies with your belief systems. Mars moving into your 8th house brings activity in the resources of your partner; watch out for aggressive deals and contracts getting you indebted or enmeshed in an unfavorable way. Review the fine print in all real estate transactions. Jupiter brings a fortunate expansion to your networking and social circles. Charismatic and well connected people appear in your life; be open to new connections. Look for coaches or advisors that can help open new doors for you.


December brings emphasis into your 8th house of other people’s resources. Take time to review joint assets and get serious about how you are meeting mutual needs. Focus on budgeting, accounting, taxes, organizing finances, and be sure to invest conservatively. Mars moving into your 7th house can cause conflict with partners; make sure you aren’t being the agitator in business agreements. Jupiter moving into your career house shifts abundance into your career. Use this momentum to start a new real estate endeavour, expand your business, or go for that promotion. The universe is giving you an opportunity to broaden your career and real estate ambitions. Think big and the resources to support you will follow. 


December brings an emphasis to the area of relationships this month. With Venus going retrograde, it is time to take off the rose colored glasses and assess if you are achieving what you want within your business partnerships. A sobering shift in communication around money and changing desires might have you dump a partner that isn’t contributing enough to your investment. Mars entering your 6th house of daily routines creates more busyness at work; use this energy to get projects done. If you have been feeling unmotivated with your responsibilities at work and home, it is time for a recharge as Mars will give you a push that can help you get more done and be more efficient. Jupiter moving into Pisces gives an uplifting sense of hope in legal matters, potential for publications, and clients or work abroad. 


December brings more structure to your work and daily routines. If you’re a business owner or investor, take a serious look at where you’re wasting resources. You’re motivated to cut the fat and tighten up what’s been falling out in your health and wellness routines as well. Mars moving into your 5th house of fun and pleasure will bring more energy for creative new business ideas; get active in creating new content. Pisces moving into your house of shared resources gives you a nice financial boost from outside sources; take advantage of new funds coming to you from grants, inheritances or investments. This is a good time to take on loans or mortgages to enhance your assets and invest in your portfolio.


December brings emphasis to your 5th house of children, fun, and creative expression. Venus retrograding here may have you reconsidering what projects you are drawn to now; old pursuits may fizzle out as you pivot in new directions. Resist the urge to spend too much on speculations. Mars entering your 4th house of home gives lots of energy for repair projects, redecorating, or a new move. It’s a great time to find a fixer-upper and use that energy for remodeling and renovations. Pisces moving into your 7th house of relationships brings revitalizing energy to your partnerships. You may find beneficial new business partners appear, or a lucky break coming into the life of your significant other.


December brings focus into your home life. Venus retrograding in your 4th house of home and family encourages you to review finances at home and get practical with family matters. Review and readjust your living standards to ensure any new expenses, new properties, or unexpected financial obligations can be properly managed. Mars moving into your 3rd house helps initiate activity with new enterprises, marketing, and skills that help innovate your entrepreneurial pursuits. This month is a good time to take online marketing classes to level up your sales skills. Jupiter moves into your 6th house, bringing you more clients. Take emerging opportunities to broaden your work goals and overall financial vision. 


December brings focus into your 3rd house space, and Venus retrograding here may shift where you spend your time and mental energy. You find more demands from colleagues and family, as well as short distance trips, and general busyness in your immediate surroundings. Revise your digital presence and get more methodical about how you show up in your marketing approach. Pisces moves into your 5th house of children and fun, bringing new enthusiasm for creative endeavors. Mars brings vitality into your 2nd house of resources, firing up your energy for income producing projects. Use this initiative to get gears turning into new revenue streams for financial security in the future.


December brings emphasis in your 2nd house of income and resources, making you reexamine finances and how you make money. Strategically restructure your resources, and as Venus retrogrades, what you consider valuable may change. Be open to this shift, creating room for abundance to show up in different ways in the future. It is best to be frugal and hold off on any unnecessary purchases for now. Mars moving into your 1st house gives a jolt of enlivening energy, boosting your physical energy and emboldening your confidence. There’s also a big shift in your home sector, as your ruling planet, Jupiter, is going into Pisces – bringing good luck with home and family life. Jupiter may bring expansion in this area – literally adding an expansion onto your house, or support in acquiring new properties. 


December brings emphasis into your 1st house, empowering your overall sense of self and ability to achieve your real estate and life goals. Venus retrograding here inspires a revision of what you truly value in yourself. This shift will naturally attract a more suitable abundance into your life as you move forward with a revived feeling of self worth. With Mars moving into your 12th house, you’re requiring more downtime to recharge your batteries. Take this time to get out of the limelight and to work on personal projects feeding your soul. Jupiter moving into Pisces in your 3rd house broadens your connections within your digital influence and increases the breadth of your reach. This is a good time to create content teaching and sharing what you have to offer the world, and find new classes that expand your proficiency.


December brings an emphasis in your 12th house of subconscious matters. With Venus retrograding here, you’re inclined to take a deep look at hidden patterns sabotaging yourself with money matters. Let go of expensive addictions and self destructing spending habits, instead focus on long term investments that will allow your money to work for you. Mars moving into your 11th house brings activity to your interactions within social networks, but don’t let that charge of extra energy get you too pushy amongst peers. Jupiter moving into your 2nd house brings a substantial boost to your income sector. Hard work in your career pays off with a raise, new sources of revenue, or other resources that bring refreshing new value to your life. Use this good fortune to secure your financial future and resist the temptation to spend frivolously.


Your ruling planet, Jupiter, moving into your first house brings a breath of inspiration and empowerment to your entire sense of self. You’re feeling rejuvenated on a core level, energizing your body and overall confidence. Mars moving into your 10th house invigorates your career, and allows you to blaze through projects at work. Use this energy to expand your real estate endeavours and business focus now; the universe is supporting your advancement and may present opportunities that redefine you altogether. Venus retrograding in your social circles has you reviewing your networks and cutting out contacts that aren’t supporting your mission. Be open to new connections and joining different groups that constructively assist your goals.