Get ready for some unexpected developments this month, as the combination of Mars, Saturn, and Uranus energizes the sky for sudden change. You may find yourself pulled in separate directions to maintain the status quo while also being pushed for revolution and freedom. This push and pull may seem stressful on the surface, but it will bring a much needed purge of outdated old structures. For many signs this month, these transits emphasize the need for a haven-like home space to help destress during challenging planetary alignments.


The influence of November’s eclipses and the transit of Uranus may have you taking a second look at how you perceive value regarding your possessions, monetary resources, and even your own self-worth. Mars brings you assertive energy pushing you to strong action in the area of shared resources. Ensure your personal values align with financial matters involving investments, partnerships, debts, and loans. Your networking circles may be resisting the change you seek; be patient and resolute in your new priorities.


This month’s eclipses create a shift in your sense of self, leading to sudden new beginnings and endings in business partnerships and relationships with others. Saturn’s influence has demanded particularly hard work in your career for the past year, in some cases leading to sacrifices that feel at odds with who you are. Find clarity by connecting with the earth through long walks in the park or hikes in the woods. Reaffirm your autonomy to manifest the real estate goals you have, and rest assured your perpetual grind will pay off.


Mars brings impulsive energy while November’s eclipses shift your focus from relationships to introspection. If you must splurge, gift yourself a month of fitness classes – or use the passion Mars ignites to dive deep into a home or work project. Prioritizing your mental and emotional well-being will lead to clearer communication and the ability to reach win-win negotiations.


This month’s eclipses work in your favor; fun, networking, and unexpected help from others will bring a boost of luck. Be open minded to joining new groups, and let go of old networks that don’t serve your higher goals. Beware of getting called into or acting impulsively on speculative deals. Assess the potential risk of loss, as Saturn is currently constricting your house of other people’s resources. Focus your energy on pleasure and fun and you will attract more of the same.


November eclipses mean extra demands are pulling your attention from home related matters to duties at work. This dynamic tension will take careful balancing; expect the unexpected and go with the flow as Uranus brings a change or evolution to your career. Rid yourself of crabby vibes by spending time in the sun, then let your recharged fiery instincts guide you towards your goals for home, family, and career.


November eclipses and the influence of Uranus help you open your mind to new patterns in communication, business, and investment. Evaluate the way travel for commercial matters impacts or supports your quality of life. Saturn will demand hard work from you, be sure to focus some of that hard work on creating a home space that supports healthy routines. An uncluttered area for creative expression and learning new skills may be just what you need. Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.


Mars transiting your second house of income and personal values means there will be more activity centered around money matters. Sudden new beginnings or endings in the area of debts owed to others should be expected. Uranus can bring new benefactors your way through inheritance, an investment deal, or a spouse. Saturn’s insistence on hard work and determination can be tempered with a mindful commitment to “work to live” rather than to “live to work.” Avoid overspending.


Mars transiting its home sign in your first house brings vitality to your sense of self. The martial energy may also have you feeling charged up and oppositional. Use this force proactively by engaging your body in exercise and movement, which will also help you calm nervousness and avoid tense discussions on financial matters and negotiations. Your powerful Scorpion intuition will guide you to the home that meets your most important needs. Tap into your intuition through silence and breathwork.


Mars will bring you energy to focus on creating a healthy mind and body stress management plan this month. Prioritize finding a home space where you can retreat from worldly pressures and focus on recharging your inner needs. Use the solitude brought by November’s eclipses to explore unfamiliar meditations and visualizations that will help you attract the home and life you want. Don’t be afraid to dig deeper to see what routines and lifestyle your mind and body are asking for.


New beginnings and endings may usher in abrupt changes in the way you seek to experience pleasure in the world. Use your creative hobbies and passions to manifest the luxurious nest that Capricorns so crave. Mars’s energy gives the push you need to finally manifest the DIY home improvement idea you’ve had. Stress felt from Saturn’s pressure on your finances can be relieved by spending time with new friends who support or share your creative interests.


Uranus has been shaking up your home and private life, with possible new moves or people moving into or out of your home. Saturn transiting your first house brings a slow transformation to your sense of identity in the world. Mars transiting your career house can bring extra intensity into the public sector of your life. Use this active energy to become more productive at work, just don’t let stress from your career put pressure on your sense of duty to self.


You may find yourself busier than normal with legal contracts, travel, and short trips this month. November brings energy to your business skills and higher belief systems, while Uranus brings big changes in the way you communicate and market yourself. Be wary of aggressive legal dealings adverse to your own higher interests. Use Saturn’s energy to create a home space that brings calm to your mental and emotional health.